Low cost high quality VPN service for Vonage UAE VOIP Calls
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Frequently we got emails from customers about how they like our VPN service:

  • Hi, we have been very happy with your services , Thanks a lot for the same. I have also just paid towards the renewal of our subscription for next 12 months , request you to acknowledge the receipt of the same and continue your services, thanks!
    Vivek Mar 30, 2012

  • Hi, I'm already a monthly subscribed customer and already received your router by mail few days ago. I hooked up my PAP2T to your router, and everything is working well. I'm impressed by the quality so far and decided to upgrade my monthly subscription to a yearly subscription, hence I placed an order for 12 months subscription.
Hussain Bayt Jul 24, 2011

  • We are going to go for the 12 month service renewing now, we are very comfortable with your VPN service, from here Dubai UAE, our vonage phone calls to India and middle east countries get very good voice quality. Don't know how you guys make it, anyway thanks for the service.
Mihir William  Sep 18, 2010

  • Simply the best VPN service for end user VOIP calls! I am a business man without knowledge about network and router, I don't have time to try those unreliable VPN over the internet, vpn4sip is most professoinal guys once you have chance to talk or im with them. I decided to go with this service, and I am 100% right! Now I have two PAP2 devices from Vonage total 4 lines using one vpn4sip account through their VPN router, my employees in office can make up to four concurrent calls without any problem, it's only less than 20$ per month for the VPN connection! Strongly suggested.
Kanisa Garph May 28th, 2010

  • Our comapny has a 4 FXS ports AudioCodes gateway connecting to VOIPJET termination service for North America and Asia international calls (We are travel agent), in Middle East area, more and more countries start to ban the VOIP traffic from their backbone, 2 months ago, we can't make any calls from my VOIP gateway. I don't want to use PC based VPN solution, so I prefer to use a standalone VPN box based service - VPN4SIP is doing exactly what I want, thank you boss!
Sadaf Bhai Oct 22th, 2009

  • Can't believe how convenient it's to use your VPN service! Once everything is setup well, I am able to make 8x8 VOIP calls again without any problem, my Guyana ISP blocked VOIP calls since two years ago, I am so happy I can make VOIP calls again with VPN4SIP service, every month it saves me hundreds of USD for my small business phone calls.
Muhammad. W Aug 16th, 2009


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