Low cost high quality VPN service for Vonage UAE VOIP Calls
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VPN4SIP.COM is dedicated in VPN service for Residential or Small Office Home Office users who has SIP Analog Telephony Adapter or IP Phone and need use our most professional and reliable VPN connection to bypass VOIP blocks in their country's internet connection  so they can connect to their original phone service providers to get VOIP phone calls back to work.

Note: VPN4SIP.COM sells only VPN router and VPN connection service, we don't sell any broadband adapter or IP Phone, and we don't provide any broadband phone service. Before using our service, make sure you already have VOIP devices and are using broadband phone service from Internet Telephoney Service Providers like Vonage or any others.

There are two steps regarding using VPN4SIP.COM Service:

First, customers need purchase a wireless VPN4SIP VPN Router from us. It has most high-end 802.11n wireless routers' features with support up to 300Mbit/s WiFi transfer speed, plus has built-in VPN account for VPN4SIP service. The VPN router itself is one time charge of 69.95 USD, with shipping cost extra. The router will be customized and shipped out in one business day after we get the payment from customers, the parcel shipping information together with all VPN4SIP account details will be sent to customers' email once shipment is done.

We provide two type of shipping methods
Express USA Domestic Shipping: 20 USD
Takes 2-3 business days for delivering to United States
Express International Shipping:   35 USD
Takes 3-5 business days for delivering to International Countries with online track number available

Second, customers need subscribe to our VPN service in order to use the VPN connection. It's only 19.95USD/month for the first month, or as low as 12.50USD/month if subscribe for multiple months. The VPN Service includes 100Kbit/s dedicated upload bandwidth, 100kbit/s dedicated download bandwidth, one mapped static public IP, and allow up to 4 broadband VOIP adapters or IP phones to connect to VPN router and share the VPN connection for concurrent VOIP calls.

So the lowest cost of a startup package is to buy one VPN router, shipping to USA address and subscribe to one month VPN service which is total of: 69.95 + 20 + 19.95 = 109.90 USD. If you need shipping to international countries, then the cost for a startup package will be:  69.95 + 35 + 19.95 = 124.90 USD.

After the first month, since you already have VPN router, what you need is to renew your VPN service, which can be as low as 12.50USD/month when you pay for multiple months:

  • Paying 6 months service:  only 15.00 USD/month - Total 90 USD for 6 months
  • Paying 12 months service: only 12.50 USD/month - Total 150 USD for 12 months (Best Deal !)

We accept payment through Paypal(accept credit card), Western Union and Bank wired transfer, we prefer to use Paypal as payment method for its fast, convenient and secure.

To send payment directly from Paypal website, our business Paypal ID is  gstinc@gmail.com

Order NOW & Make Payment Online! Selecting package & click "Pay Now" button:


Router Return Policy - If customers are not satisfied with the VPN router for ANY reason, after the router is deliveried, within 7 days, customers can request for return by sending the original box with router hardware and all components back to us (the shipping cost is on customers), once we receive everything, we will refund the router cost to customers in 24 hours. So relax and feel free to try our service!

Privacy PolicyWe take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

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