Low cost high quality VPN service for Vonage UAE VOIP Calls
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How It Works

So how to use VPN4SIP.com service to get linksys PAP2 works again in your country?

First, you need buy a Wireless VPN Router from us at a very attractive price, this VPN router has VPN4SIP.COM account embedded and is 100% plug-n-play without any special configuration needed.

Note: Because only SSL based VPN will be able to bypass ISP's block on VOIP calls, so our VPN4SIP.COM is SSL based VPN network and can't work with those PPTP or L2TP etc. based wireless routers you can find from market. So you need buy this router from us, and we will configuration everything READY before shipping it to you.

Once you receive our VPN router, connect your ATA box or IP phone device to one of the LAN port of the VPN router, and connect its WAN port to your ISP connection, and start to enjoy the VOIP calls again!

Second, you need subscribe to our monthly VPN service at a very low price, your phone calls will never being blocked any more! We guarantee you will always hear dial tone after pick up the phone!

Technical Sepcifications of our VPN4SIP network

  • Dedicated bandwidth for both upload direction and download direction from world No.1 class premium data center for each VPN4SIP account;
  • Extremely low network jitter and packet loss ratio connecting from customer's ISP to our North America or Europe VPN backbone for QoS controlled and RTP optimized VPN connection for highest MOS score of VOIP calls;
  • Dedicated static public IP mapped to each VPN4SIP account on VPN network side through NAT Masquerade, no sharing for VPN port and listen IP! Also multiple private IP can assign to VOIP devices by this to share the same VPN connection to multiple Vonage or other ITSP lines in one location;
  • Highest 1024bits SSL encryption and protection, very secure and flexible VPN connection, each VPN router has built-in industry advanced patent pending auto provision system and auto unblock monitor system to guarantee maximum VPN up time for a very smooth and reliable VPN based VOIP call experience.


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