Low cost high quality VPN service for Vonage UAE VOIP Calls
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VPN4SIP.COM - Most professional Router based VPN service for Vonage Broadband VOIP calls in Dubai UAE, Oman, Qatar, Yemen & Sudan !

VPN4SIP.COM is a premium hardware based VPN Service Provider for Broadband Phone Service users from Dubai/UAE, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Guyana, Iran, Belize, Brazil and Pakistan etc. countries where VOIP calls are blocked by local ISP or network authority. In one word, we unblock VOIP calls for you!

VPN4SIP.COM service is dedicated for users who are using VOIP Adapters (for example Cisco Linksys PAP2T-NA) or Broadband IP phone (for example Grandstream GXP-2000) with Broadband Phone Service (for example Vonage, SIPGate or Skype)  to make and receive very cheap Voice Over IP phone calls all over the world crossing the internet. Etisalat ISP blocks UAE VOIP calls? Oman VOIP is banned? No problem at all! VPN4SIP.COM is exactly the service you need to get VOIP calls back to work in your home or office.

VPN4SIP.COM service ships its own brand WiFi VPN router to customers, VPN router is used to bridge VPN connection to VOIP adapters in customers' location. With 24x7 online guarantee, highest reliability, super network quality and maintenance free features, customers get a very smooth VPN service experience for their individual or business VOIP calls.

We have quick introduction guide of VPN4SIP.COM Service that can be downloaded from Here.

VPN4SIP.COM VPN service works with ANY broadband phone service providers, includes but not limits to:

Vonage - VoIP Internet Phone Service for Home, Business and International Calling
Vonage UK - Using VoIP for Cheap Calls with Vonage UK broadband phone service
Skype - Free internet calls and cheap phone calls through Skype Ethernet or Wireless Phone
magicJack PLUS - Over 8 million Sold, 2011 Product of the Year! Best for WITHOUT Computer mode
OBiTalk - VOIP service from OBIHAI technology with full Google Voice VOIP phone calls Support
ooma - Ranked #1 VOIP Home Phone Service, delivers utmost voice quality with PureVoice HD
Packet8 - VoIP Internet Phone Service Provider and Voice Over IP Telephony
Lingo - Lingo VoIP Internet phone Service Provider
BroadVoice - VoIP Phone Service, Broadband Telephone, WiFi Telephone, SIP Service
sipgate.co.uk - Phone Service over Broadband Link
8x8.com - VoIP Business phone Service
PhonePower.com - Phone Power Broadband Phone service
viatalk.com - Internet phone Service & Broadband Phone Service
voicepulse.com - Award-winning Phone Service

VPN4SIP.COM VPN service works with ANY VOIP Adapter or Broadband IP Phone, includes but not limits to:

Linksys PAP2T - Most popular 2 FXS ports ATA, Vonage's first choice device
Vonage Box VDV22-VD - Vonage Official VoIP Phone Adapter with 1-Port router
Obi 100 / Obi 110 - Voice Service Bridge from Obihai, best selling VoIP Adapter in Amazon
ooma Telo Adapter - ooma VoIP device featuring utmost voice clarity and 100% free U.S calling
Cisco ATA-186 - First 2 analog ports ATA device world wide deployed, from Cisco
Grandtream HT486 - Most affordable 2 FXS ports ATA designed and made from China
D-Link DVG-2001S - Popular D-link ATA for broadband phone calls
Linksys SPA3102 - With FXO port connection to local phone line for "hop-on/hop-off" applications
RTX Dualphone 3088 - Make Free Skype Calls using Cordless phones without PC required
Cisco CP-7960G - Professional broadband phone with higest level of quality
Cisco CP-7940G - Very popular broadband phone for enterprise with huge deployment world wide
Polycom IP 550 - Delivering VOIP calls Unprecedented richness and clarity
Linksys SPA941 - Ideal for residence or business IP telephony service
Grandstream GXP2000 - Grandstream's enterprise phone for broadband phone market
Aastra 480i - Most popular and friendly interface phone with VOIP call capacity

With our VPN4SIP.COM VPN connection, customers will get benefits like:

- Unblocking Vonage or other ITSP's VOIP calls through any ISP in any countries, works great in Dubai & Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Guyana, Iran, Belize, Brazil and Pakistan;
- Securing the call session and voice conversation, now no one can sniffer or monitor who you are calling to, and what you are talking;
- Dramatically improving voice quality by routing VOIP calls through best in the world backbone internet connection with QoS guaranteed dedicated bandwidth for both incoming and outgoing calls;
- Providing multiple LAN ports with shared VPN connection for simultenaously calls from different VOIP adapters or IP phones in one location;
- Providing one dedicated public static IP for each VPN4SIP account, it means a dedciated VPN session is setup for each customer, guaranteed best 99.9% service up time and zero interfere from other VPN users.

Note: Our VPN service is NOT for:

- VOIP calls through Web Dialer
- VOIP calls through Softphone Dialer
- VOIP calls through Computer Headset Adapter
- VOIP calls through USB to Phone adapter
- VOIP calls through Callback service


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